What went wrong in our programming?

What went so wrong in humans? When I look around at my plant relations I see them creating such beauty in the world. Plants contribute to balance, to a healthy Gaian system. Plants provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. They provide food for so many species, not just humans, but bees and butterflies, the pollinators. […]

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Cleansing With Cleavers

Spring has arrived early this year and with the mild and unseasonably warm temperatures over the last weeks I have begun to move from my winter diet to something lighter. I always use this turning point as an opportunity for a cleanse. The wild plants that grow at this time of year are so nutrient […]

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Elderberry Tincture Recipe

We have had such an amazing summer this year, despite the stresses of great heat and little moisture (until this last week!), or perhaps because of them, the hedgerows are currently heaving with fruits. I was stopped in my tracks yesterday by one of my dear beloved plant allies elder (Sambucus nigra). The bush in […]

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Sunflower Medicine

The longer this summer goes on the more I am starting to think it is a once in a life time summer. If, like me, you are a grower you will have noticed that all of your time is taken up with plant care. While others sit in the shade of an umbrella enjoying the […]

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