Entering the dreaming of the world

When you enter into an experience with a single plant, you will remember it forever.  The experience is the building of a relationship and is so much more powerful than ploughing through “information” written about that plant and it’s components and properties.  The impact of “meeting” that plant, of communicating face to face and absorbing its messages, its wisdom, is entering the dreaming of the world.  It is real and it is the truth and it is something you and that plant have shared uniquely between you, no one can take that away or tell you that what you learned was wrong.  It is like meeting a person, a human relation, for the first time, you exchange something, you get a taste of their spirit and if the experience is powerful you will not forget them no matter how much time and distance subsequently separates you.  To work with plants in this way one must begin to relate to them as you would with a human, to approach with caring, with love and an open heart.

When you enter into deep personal relationship with a plant the medicine you make will be much stronger than anything you can buy from a health store.  You work with the plant itself and are guided to vibrant and healthy individuals that agree to become medicine for you.  If you buy a commercial preparation most often vast swathes of each plant will have been grown as a “crop” and processed in a semi-industrial setting into a “medicine”.  Even wild crafted herbs most often are collected from their choosen growing place without being asked and now it seems this practice is leading to the endangerment of certain species in the wild. 

If you need a remedy look around you, at what is growing in your environs, and use what nature is offering you.  Taking responsibility for your health in this way is liberating and empowering and besides is respectful to the Earth and the plants in question.   

This year for the first time I am teaching a 6 part series of workshops entitled “The Medicine Garden ~ Practical Sessions”  they are intended to be a journey into experiential herbalism, we will enter the dreaming of the world and you will find life long companions amongst the plants we will work with. 

DATES FOR 2012: The first session is on 24th March and there is still time to register, still space for a couple more to join us.  For full details visit http://www.gatewaystoeden.com/userimages/Practical-Sessions(2666312).htm I hope to see you there…


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