Deepening My Relationship With Cleavers

I was walking in the hills around my home this morning, everything is so vibrant right now after so much rain.  Despite the fact the rain keeps falling the air feels cleaner and more serene since Wednesdays lunar eclipse.  So many plants in flower, all calling out in their ripe beauty, demanding the attention they derserve at this point in their cycle.  Then one drew me in more than the others, tiny white flowers, ooh so delicate and pretty.  I looked closer, it was my old friend cleavers!  I have never seen this plant flower like this before, I have seen a few scattered flowers on a stem with the sticky ball like seeds but never have I been gifted with the sight of the whole stem alight with it’s blossom.  I felt a rush of joy and pleasure and a new level of understanding dropped into the relationship we share.  I feel I know this green friend just that little bit more and have taken in a new side of it’s beauty in the gasp of delight I experienced upon our meeting.  I journeyed to cleavers maybe a month ago after having spent many years enjoying it’s arrival in spring and the medicine it duly imparts.  I was told to take care of myself, to listen to my body more and not to take on all of the worries of the world but to simply start with myself.  Good advice indeed!


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