11/11 at Avebury

To take a moment of pause on Friday, to soak up the cosmic significance of all those 11’s, I took a trip to Avebury.

On the way I had been thinking that really as the date itself is man made, and not even shared by the whole planet, that it was perhaps a bit arbitrary.  However, it’s the energy created by human thought and feeling that was significant.

On arrival in Avebury I first circled the stones, greeting them and the guardian beech trees before entering the circle and joining with the other people gathering.

There was one large group who had formed a circle, a staff was being passed from person to person and each person took their turn to say what they wished to manifest.  Although it struck me as powerful I was not attracted to join in.  As I moved further into the circle there was a very small cluster of people, one sounding a crystal bowl, the others toning beautifully.  This was my spot.  I found a small stone to perch my bum on and eyes closed allowed the sound vibration to wash over me.  As I did so in my minds eye I began to see a technicolour universal grid, all beings connected into it.  It was extremely psychedelic and beautiful.  A real moment of pause for me and a reminder of all that really matters, as opposed to all the little details I stress about on a daily basis.  I received some good, clear insights and left refreshed and renewed.

I remembered how important it is for me to sometimes step outside of time and renew my connection with what essentially is the real world, but is so easy to overlook when busy working and doing…

Peace and love to all beings


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