Workshops for 2012

Soon we will be entering the last year on the Mayan calendar, already big changes are afoot, the break down of our consumer society perhaps being one of them!  I for one really believe that it is time to become more self reliant.  We once fed, clothed, housed and medicated ourselves with just a deep knowledge of the plants that grew in our immediate vicinity and of course a few practical skills.  Those plants still grow, if a little more sparsely…

Years ago I was in deep communication with one of my plant allies, image after image flashed onto my inner screen of the foolhardy ways our so called civilisation stumbles along, obliviously and sometimes consciously damaging and destroying our world.  It became clear at that point that my mission on this planet is to do my bit in helping to turn that around, helping people to awaken to the beauty of this world and the importance of living repectfully amongst other life forms for the continuation of life itself.

I love growing my own food and making my own medicines, for me working closely with the plants is soul medicine, it helps me feel connected and alive.  Through years of training and practice I have discovered a deep connection with the plant realm, the plants offer me companionship and deep wisdom, and this is what I bring to the table, what I can share.

I have spent the last few weeks devising a selection of workshops for 2012, through them I intend to share this beautiful way of being and also practical skills – harvesting medicinal plants and making remedies from them.  I believe these skills will grow in importance over the coming years.  Regulations regarding the sale of herbal medicines is tightening so it is becoming increasingly necessary to learn about local plants and how to use them.  Also when the media is working so hard to keep us in a state of fear, whether it is about finances, terrorism, riots…, it is important to remain grounded, to remember who we are and what better way than connect with the deep rooted plants, for they touch us on so many levels and through working with them somehow they inject an energy, a simple joy into the day.

I am repeating some workshops I have taught previously although of course no two will ever be the same, being shaped as they are by the plants and people present.  I also have some new ones including “The Art of the Invisible” ( which will delve into the world of shamanic teacher plants, to bring a little extra sparkle of magic into proceedings!

If you are interested in spending some time with me and learning that which I can pass on from the years I have spent with both tribal and western medicine men then check out for a full listing of events, dates and locations.


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