Springing into … well erm…Spring!

I love, love, love this time of year!  Everything green, fresh, reappearing…  stinging nettle

To bathe, truely bathe my white winter coat in the first full heat that the sun brings in early Spring. To feel the gentle breeze on my flesh so long hidden under layer upon layer, the kiss of the suns breath, so warm, welcoming and nurturing.             

The birds constant song, singing the plants awake from their winter dormancy , the cells of my body too, are aroused from their mammoth slumber. The promise of summer is here!

Life is springing up all around, fresh, green, vibrant. Tempting me in for nibble after nibble, flavours I have long forgotten. For it seems that with the limited winter fare my stomach, my intestines, too have been hibernating.

With spring comes not only a mass reawakening but also the promise, hope and delight of a new season. It marks the passage of time and a new rotation around our fiery sky god, the sun.


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