Jump Start Your System for Spring!

Spring brings with it lots of amazing plants to nourish and replenish us after the long dark days of winter.  Cleavers(Galium aparine) also known as sticky willy or goose grass, is a springtime favourite for me.  On a physical level cleavers helps cleanse and can be used to give the lymphatic system a flush.  Cleansing the lymph system helps to cleanse every organ and system you have and will help improve your immune system and overall health.  It really helps wash out the cobwebs after the relative inactivity of the winter months making way for more energy and the lighter eating habits of summer.

Cleavers lymphatic flush (don’t use this cleanse if you are curently taking another form of diuretic):

  • Take a large handful of cleavers and stuff into a glass.
  • Cover with fresh water – if you have access to a nearby spring this water is always best to use as it’s fresh from the Earth and full of energy.
  • Leave over night, the medicinal properties will slowly infuse into the cold water.
  • In the morning remove the plant matter (this can be composted) and drink the cold cleavers infusion.
  • Repeat daily for 2 weeks.

As the days pass you will feel more and more bright and sparkly.  Don’t forget to thank the sticky cleavers for their generous gift. Enjoy!

For more home herbals to make your soul glow check out The Medicine Garden 🙂



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