Bringing back the Sunshine!

After the wonderful sunshine of March the last week or two have been sobering with their dark clouds, grey skies and jumper weather.  This, of course, is more seasonal for this time of year, but still a little hard to take after the t-shirt days of early spring.  If you are extra sensitive to this change in weather or feeling stressed for any reason, be it the stock take at the end of the tax year, Easter weekend spent with the in-laws, the price of fuel etc, etc…  You may be needing a little pick-me-up!  Nature has provided just the thing :0)

If you have been for a walk at all over the last few weeks, or have a wild lawn like mine, then you will have noticed primrose flowers popping up all over the place.  Just looking at their bright yellow faces makes your heart smile, but if that is not enough collect a couple of handfuls of leaves and blooms.  If you want to feel more hopeful, or just generally lighten your mood, then add those couple of handfuls of leaves and flowers to your bath water tonight.  Lie back in the warm water and let your body and mind relax, whilst breathing in the primrose vapours and absorbing its medicine through your skin.

If you feel particularly stressed, nervous or anxious then try drinking primrose infusion, it will relax the mind even easing the insomniacs among us off to sleep.  Try drinking up to 3 cups a day when you are feeling down.  Don’t forget to thank the primrose as your mood lightens and your sleep deepens!

To make an infusion cover 2 teaspoons of chopped leaf/ flower with hot water, strain before drinking.  Avoid drinking if you are pregnant, on blood thinning drugs or have a sensitivity to aspirin, otherwise enjoy freely!

For more simple remedies check out my book, The Medicine Garden.


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