The Healing Power of Nature

There has been more and more in the news recently about how our health fails when we miss out on contact with nature.  Just yesterday this report appeared on the BBC news website detailing how allergies are worse in those who have less contact with nature.

As you see through my blog entries and the first book I wrote (The Medicine Garden) using the physical bodies of plants as medicine for our physical bodies, is a subject close to my heart.  I believe in  eating and using as many plants as possible in our diets and teapots on daily basis.  All the varied minerals, vitamins and health giving properties will keep the doctor away from most of us, most of the time.

For mental health, taking a walk in the park, or just a deep breath outside the back door each morning, helps keep you feeling positive, even in this recent wet weather.  If you have just had a row, or are feeling super stressed with work, or family, give yourself the gift of just ten minutes outside and feel the difference.  You can literaly feel your blood pressure dropping with every passing moment.

So how about our spirit?  There are many neo-shamanic practitioners around these days, everyone seems to have a power animal, but so few, so few, have a plant ally.  Never forget that there would be no animals, no us, without plants.  Like water and sun they are life giving to the rest of us.  Even if all you eat is red meat, that steak was made with grass!  So never forget our planty friends, what would life be without them?

If you would like to explore your spiritual connection with the plant world, with plant spirits then come and join me for a one day workshop in July, let’s take this deeper…


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