Spring Herbs for Body & Spirit

Cleansing gall bladder and liver during spring helps us move towards what we have set our hearts on with confidence, vision, and determination.  When clogged up they can make us short tempered, angry, and indescisive.  Spring is still with us (just!) and so are the plants we can use to support these organs, or what is known in Chinese medicine as the wood element.

In our bodies liver and gall bladder aid the digestion of fats and oils, they acts as filters processing that which we eat.  But they also act on a more spiritual level, and as such, when cleansed and working efficiently, help us make decisions and give us the courage to act on them.

Leaves that are seasonal and available to gather and use now in support of the wood element include: dandelion leaf (Taraxacum officinale), self heal (Prunella vulgaris), and my old favourite stinging nettle (Urtica dioica).  If you lack access to clean and fresh wild leaves, panic not!  Both carrot and beetroot when eaten raw (try grating), or juiced, do an equally wonderful job.

To further support your wood element make sure you are tucked up in bed by 11pm, as according to the Chinese clock it is between 11pm and 3am that these organs rejuvenate.  This will become increasingly difficult to achieve over the coming weeks, if you are anything like me, as our days continue to lengthen in the build up to summer solstice.  So give it a try now, while a little darkness still falls, as you give your gall bladder and liver a boost with the relevant herbs.


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