A Pollen Kiss from Elder!

It was my husbands birthday at the weekend and we had planned a magical mystery tour along the Michael-Mary ley lines down to the tip of Cornwall to celebrate.  Yet more miserable soggy weather and a brush with a summer virus put us off our little camping trip.  Instead we did a few day trips which included visiting the Rollright stones, reportedly the eastern-most standing stones in the UK. 

Whilst enjoying a break in the weather and taking time to wander around the stones, I began to feel the glands in my throat start to tingle.  I had spent the previous few days nursing my husband with combinations of yarrow, lungwort & oregano tea, sage leaf gargle, sloe syrup, so I knew where this tingle was potentially leading.  At first I was annoyed with myself for not partaking in plenty of immuno-stimulating yarrow before the virus got to me.  I felt a little foolish as I always recommend to others that they start with yarrow as soon as a member of the family shows signs of a virus.  Still there I was, stood in a windy field an hours drive from home and my healthy patch of yarrow.  I looked around, what could nature offer to boost my immune system until I got home?  I scanned the hedgerows, straight away there she was, elder (Sambucus nigra) offering a potent remedy.

Elder is flowering particularly late this year, some not yet in full bloom, how lucky for me.  I went straight for the nearest elder and asked permission.  I was directed to a particularly polleny clump of flowers which I began to eat.  If you have never done this before I recommend it, what a taste sensation!  I worked my way along the hedgerow getting called several times to stop and take a nibble before I knew I had had enough and gave my thanks to the generosity of elder.  It seemed to do the trick as I have managed to hold off from developing the full symptoms of the virus, although how much was down to the man-flu symptoms exagerator I guess we will never know 😉

If you want to learn more about the amazing healing power of Elder look in a copy of The Medicine Garden!


2 thoughts on “A Pollen Kiss from Elder!

  1. That’s really interesting, because when I last lived in the UK (1986-88) I lived near Woodstock, which is quite near the Rollright Stones, and I visited them once at dawn of the Summer Solstice and a few hours later I ended up in bed with a ‘flu type fever! I wish I’d known then about yarrow & elder flowers. I suspect that their energy needs to be received in small doses, as sometimes I’ve felt the same symptoms when visiting ‘menhirs’ and ‘dolmens’ here in Brittany. (Nowadays I use a pendulum to approach them from the right spot – ‘the gate’)

    I’m busy watching the elder bushes at the moment to be able to make elderflower cordial It’s just as well that they’re also flowering late here in Brittany, because I haven’t found any citric acid yet, and will probably end up using lemon juice and ascorbic acid.

    Tomorrow I’ll try eating some of the flowers, just to see how they taste.

    I’m looking forward to being able to afford to buy a copy of The Medecine Garden. I’ve spent so much on gardening supplies lately that it will have to wait until my birthday in two weeks time.

    Very interesting post – thank you.

    1. Hi Brian, I like your comment. Very interesting your physical reaction when approaching and entering sacred sites, to be honest I had not considered my reaction to the site as a cause for my symptoms, but would not be the first time something like that had happened to me. I’m not much of a pendulum person but for me to just be more mindful, to stop and ask the stones permission before I enter would be a very good thing to do, so thanks a lot for mentioning what you do, it will make me change my ways 😉

      Good luck with the cordial making, sounds delicious, and happy birthday in advance…

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