Communicating with Plant Spirits

I taught a class this weekend entitled Introduction to Communicating with Plant Spirits.  I love sharing this work, watching people change over the course of the day; their faces become enriched with a deeper colour, their eyes get more twinkly, they relax, they become more open.  This is what contact with plant spirits, acknowledging them, does.

I lead people through different excercises, different techniques for connecting more deeply with plants.  But time and again it is the most simple things that have the greatest impact.  Just sitting with a plant and taking note of how it makes you feel.  Being aware of the cycling of breath; the plants oxygen rich out-breath being our in-breath, our carbon dioxide rich out-breath being the plants in-breath.

You see, there is no need for grandiosity when it comes to working with plant spirits, it is as simple as just taking time to notice plants, to give them your loving attention.  Allow yourself just one moment each day to fall in love with a single plant, over and over again.

It will change our world…


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