Becoming a Friend of the Plant Spirits!

An old student and dear friend has been in contact recently, her twin daughters have just reached 21, and after many years of loving nurture she feels that she has finally released them into the world.  During the time of transition, from their late teens onwards she has been persuing a quest, a deep yearning to connect more deeply with nature and the magic she feels when amongst it.  Our paths have crossed many times as we both follow that same golden thread.  We have journeyed together in this solid realm and that of plant spirits. Now, with her girls far from home, she has gone full circle and returned to her pre motherhood career of photography, yet everything has changed.  Not just from film to digital but how she approaches her subjects, plants!  Having spent many years delving into the world of plant medicine and plant communication she now falls into the dream of a plant just by approaching with an open heart and studying it with her lens for a short while.  How lucky, the plants know her and love her and want to share their secrets with her.

Another photographer friend tweeted me yesterday saying that the way he photographs plants has changed since he experienced journeying with plants, since he began treating plants more like people, asking their permission.

I believe life becomes more beautiful when you acknowledge the livingness in other beings, in plants.  Life becomes fuller and more colourful.  It is not about rules, or being serious, or even following a strict protocol.  Plant communication is as simple as falling in love with a single plant over and over.  Respecting and talking to a plant as you would a human relation; caring about it’s state of health, where it lives…

Plants draw you in with their magic and their voices echo the deep truths inside of us.  They help us awaken to the beauty all around and within us.  It is not all serious soul searching stuff, there is time to share humour, to giggle together.  Some plants are much more playful than others, but that you will only discover through your own interactions, your own efforts.

So if you don’t already, start talking to your plants.  Acknowledge plants as individuals, as living beings.  Ask before you harvest, thank before you consume.  Share your wonder and love with them, and receive untold treasures in return.  There is no need for grandiosity it as simple as falling in love over and over again, what a beautiful path…

If you want some guidance, some ideas that may facilitate your communications with plants then join one of my workshops and I will share all I have learned in the pursuit of this golden thread.


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