The Raw & Wild Nature of Cambodia

Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a very happy 2013!!  I have been away from my office for over two months on an incredible, cosmic world travel.  I have been meeting new friends both human and vegetal and have been deeply touched by the beauty and the magic of this wonderful planet we not only stand upon but are of course an inseparable part of.

I had thought that I would blog and tweet as I went but it seems that technology very quickly and easily slid from my mind.  I had a few moments of separation anxiety after leaving my phone at home in my sock drawer, but within days there was a greater lightness about me as my eyes adjusted to the world without screens and my heart flew wide open.  Now I am back the next few posts will cover the highlights of my trip.  Starting with the first leg, a favourite country of mine, Cambodia…

100_1605There is a rawness, a wildness to the landscape in Cambodia.  Jungle, or scrub, creeps into every corner reaching its long green fingers into every village, every roadside, every unmanaged mm.  Unlike most western countries where every tiny speck of land has been allocated a use or purpose and consequently tarmacked, Cambodia is vibrant and full of life, the plants certainly rule.  I imagine that even turning your back for just a few moments would be enough for a grasping tendril to occupy the space your wandering attention has left open…

100_1611I feel privileged to have experienced the sacred beauty of this country which pervades not only the flora, but also its people, and its landscapes.  Luckily business is due to take me back to this magical land several times over the next few years, and I hope to make a connection with a folk herbalist on my next trip.  I can only assume that the use of local plants for medicines is still relatively widespread as it is only 30 years since the heinous reign of Pol Pot which pushed everyone into the countryside with barely any food or access to western medicines.  I look forward to learning from local knowledge and would welcome any contact information that any of you have which may help me find my Cambodian herbal expert.

100_1607 If you are interested in visiting Cambodia, photography, and what promises to be a deeply meditative journey into art, stone sculpture, and the reclamation of crumbling temples by the jungle; then check out this holiday being led by a friend of mine, it looks amazing 🙂


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