Tropical Jungle Medicine from Australia

Beach QueenslandThe second leg of my round the world trip was spent in Australia, Northern Queensland to be more precise.  I had come to view a total solar eclipse, my 8th.  It did not disappoint.  The skies were crystal clear, the corona icy white against the dusky blue sky.  And silence, an eerie, unearthly, silence, during the moments of totality.  Quite fabulous, and an honour to share it with many local eclipse virgins, it makes my hair stand on end just thinking about it.

Australia has a very strong economy right now and once you combine that with the relatively weak standing of the Pound Sterling we were forced in to looking for cheap accommodation and ways to feed ourselves.  This was a blessing in disguise as it forced us to camp.  I do love camping but there are a lot of poisonous bugs, spiders, snakes, not to mention sand flies and mosquitos, so if not forced to by budget, I would have stayed anywhere but a tent!  Still it became a magical experience.  The birds were incredible, whooping all night, so much so that I even thought there were howler monkeys outside on the first night!  As the days passed it was easy to fall into the rhythm of the place, falling asleep to the lapping of the sea on the shore, awakening at first light.  When living in a tent you are outside from the moment you rise to the moment you get back in bed.  So much more in touch with the wind, the clouds, the stars, the moon.

Flowering Acacia

For a week we camped in Palm Cove under a beautiful, flowering Acacia tree, so each morning we stepped out of the tent onto a fresh carpet of recently fallen red flowers, it was a divine gift and a great way to start the day.  The campsite also had many mango trees and lucky for us it was mango season.  So after picking our way over the Acacia flower carpet, taking care not to tread on any of the numerous and dainty Acacia seedlings, we were also greeted with mango windfall.  We ate mango every day, so fresh and so ripe.  The only challenge was beating the ducks to the bounty as they, it seems, are also partial to a juicy mango!

Mango treeAs time passed we headed further north following the coast to beaches less accessible and far less travelled.  As we did so the jungle kissed the beach, plant life was rich, vibrant, abundant.  It is a real paradise.  I think the sun, sea, light pollution free skies, constant humming of insects, bird calls, and underneath it all the deep thrumming of the plant life, combine to form a very deep soul medicine.  There was no interference coming in the form of mobile phone signals or wifi, just oneself and rich nature.  I could feel the years peeling back, I was getting younger, happier and more confident by the day.  How simply wonderful.  I feel blessed and lucky to have had the experience.  Thank you Australia 😉

incredible beach, Queensland, Australia


2 thoughts on “Tropical Jungle Medicine from Australia

  1. such a brief and beautiful post, leaves me wanting more of that place.
    so i stumbled upon it while searching for acacia identification… funny, there is one of the same species pictured above growing infront of my apartment block in Cairo, Egypt.
    I used to write a blog too about my travels in china a couple of years ago. the reason i mention it is not only because its about travels and wander abouts but because we chose the same theme for the blog.

    1. Hi Mina, thanks for your comment. I love that type of acacia, such beautiful flowers. I have been to Cairo myself but never been lucky enough to spot one there.
      All the best, Rachel

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