Heart Aflame in Mexico!!

The final part of my journey was to the magical land of smiles, hearts, chillies, and skulls, yep, Mexico!  What an amazing country, I have never been before and did not know what to expect, even so I was really surprised how much I loved it.  Within 24 hours of arriving I had already fallen in love with the people, the culture, the history.  It may seem like a mass generalisation as I had only just arrived, and only seen Mexico City, but you know when you get such a deep feeling, a full body tingle.

Roaming around the incredible Museum of Anthroplogy in Mexico City the influence of entheogenic plants, and the deep connection to Earth wisdom through their ingestion, became obvious.  With each new room I entered I could feel the signatures of different teacher plants reflected in the artefacts, it was palpable.

Yucatan jungle

I also managed to do my fair share of Mayan ruin hopping in the Yucatan.  The whole region, other than than the built up coastal zone, just seemed to be covered with dense bush.  Most of what lined the roads had been disturbed, was not deep jungle, but still the nature was strong; and green was the only colour to be seen all the way to the horizon in any direction.

Beautiful Mexican Beach

I spent some time camping on one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited.  As I walked the sand each evening at sunset tears welled in my eyes as I was washed with such a deep sense of gratitude that I had the opportunity to be in that place.  I was reminded again and again, moment by moment, how great it is to be alive!!

plant reflections

During my stay in Mexico I got a bit sick for a few days.  One morning I was feeling particularly sick, hot and wretched.  I had to get in a car for a long drawn out journey and I knew there would not be many opportunities to dash to the loo.  As I sat in the shade of a tree (an Almendro de Playa, quite common along the beach), thanking it for the respite the shade gave me, I also asked for help, for medicine.  When my friends car arrived to collect me I jumped in and was well for almost 5 hours, the length of the journey.  That night I was wild camping and as I lay in my tent the sickness came again.  I got up and roamed around feeling terrible until I remembered the tree.  I called out to it and asked for its help again.  Within 30 minutes I was feeling much better, this time the sickness did not return.  How about that for some Mexican plant magic 😉




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