Wild Food Fest!

Jack-in-the-Hedge (Alliaria petiolata)
Jack-in-the-Hedge (Alliaria petiolata)

It is that time of year when I cannot walk more than two paces without coming across another wild edible.  Nature is providing a bonanza of deep green leaves to feed and cleanse our digestive systems with their bitter medicine.

I met with Faye Hatcher to make a recording for BBC Radio Gloucestershire earlier this week.  We met at a car park in Cranham Woods to talk about all the wonderful wild foods and medicines we saw.  There was such an abundance, especially on the edge between car park and woods, that we only actually walked about ten paces!

If you are interested in hearing what we found then tune in to her lunch time show on BBC Radio Gloucestershire tomorrow (Saturday 11/5) between 9am- midday.  It will also be repeated next week on Anna King’s Wednesday lunch time show (1200- 1430).

If you prefer to see the plants in the flesh rather than just hearing about them and you live in the Stroud area, then you may want to join me next Wednesday (15/5) evening @ 1830 for a medicine walk through Stroud Cemetery on Bisley Road.  Fore more details follow this link http://www.gatewaystoeden.com/Medicine-Walk(2874086).htm


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