A Walker Between Worlds

Last weekend I came to the realisation that I am a walker between worlds – the Real (the world of Nature, of Earth) and our human created reality/ realities.  What I “do” is to invite people to walk between worlds.  To discover access points to the Real.  So that somehow, with enough of us, we can draw those worlds closer together, closer to the place they should be.  Where we live, see and feel the Real in every day.

I also realised that I am an envoy of sorts.  Speaking for those whose voice is too easily drowned out in human reality.yellow flowered tree

But, working this way ~ medicine woman, plant whisperer, hedgerow herbalist ~ the ways of the Earth (the Real), it is pretty much impossible to achieve success in human terms, that is peer recognition and material wealth.  The Earth can, will, and does provide for my needs, but nothing more.  The rest, the excess, the material, is the realm of humans and nature cannot conjure me that.  She does however provide food, medicine, and a life filled world; with liberal quantities of companions, wisdom, and love.

I have sought recognition amongst my peers, but have always found it tricky to describe what I “do”.  I remain shy about my work because although I have been published and speak publicly, I lack the material things that I grew up believing were the signs of success and wealth.  Now I have remembered another way ~ real wealth, real recognition, respect amongst peers ~ but not of the human world.  It is deeply touching, heart warming and encouraging.  My wealth is being able to walk outside my front door and see food, medicine and life wherever I look.  My recognition is being seen by the plants, the rocks, the rivers, I can feel them looking back at me.  And respect amongst peers?  My peers are those other living beings on this planet, not just humans, but plants and animals, I know they respect me as I respect them.

wild natural coastline, Queensland

My realisations came about after I gave three one hour presentations at a festival last weekend.  Despite the wonderful reception given by the people who came to my talks, I felt belittled and disrespected by the festival organisers.  I wont bore you with the details because what has come out of it is a refreshing level of clarity, a beautiful gift.

It was at the fireside on Saturday evening, after the presentations whilst enjoying the rest of the event, when I began talking to the man next to me that this wave of divine clarity began to grow.  The man was a conflict resolution diplomat of 10 years standing, and had all of those things I thought I lacked (material wealth, recognition, peer respect).  And yet he was so confused about the ways of man and mind I realised my clarity in the ways of leaf and heart.  I realised the recognition, the wealth, the respect, that I had been searching for had been there all along.  I had just been searching in the wrong realm to find it.

gnarly tree root river bankIt is an art form to walk between worlds, but until more of us remember how, begin to reincorporate the Real, then I worry for the future of humanity.  Nature can and will provide for our needs if we just open our eyes and live that little bit less of our time immersed in human reality…

If you are interested in walking between worlds join me for a workshop, or a skype session, and learn the ways…



2 thoughts on “A Walker Between Worlds

  1. Thank you for such a thought provoking,honest post. I have the same feeling often, I live on a smallholding and spend my days growing and looking after this small patch of the earth and I love it, but every so often, that feeling cuts in, an anxiety that I’m not participating enough, not earning enough, not preparing for my future and it destroys my peace, for a little while. Reading this made me realise I should have more faith in myself for choosing the right path, the earth is providing for me and will continue to do so, I think I just need to spend more time with like-minded souls! It’s hard not to get pulled in to the culture of valuing ourselves on our ‘busyness’ and stuff we own, but every moment away from that is a gift!

    1. Hi Alex
      Thanks for that, it is good to know that I am not on my own in this. We do get the most rich gifts, but it is hard not to compare with the more main stream lifestyles – well for me at least.
      Happy land loving 🙂
      Rachel x

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