Bringing in the Sacred

This time last week I was getting up to date with all my work so that I could take Friday as a special day.  It was of course dandelion stonesummer solstice (in the northern hemisphere).  I rose before dawn and visited Nympsfield Long Barrow.  It is a beautiful site on which lies the remains of a neolithic burial mound.  On the way up there I saw rabbits, deer, mist, and heard so so many birds.  It was peaceful and magical and gave the opportunity for a real “moment”.  I said my prayers for self and universe and left a while later feeling refreshed and renewed.

As my life has become more and more busy running my own business(es), growing food and medicines, maintaining an old house, etc (you know how it is…), I have made less and less time to celebrate the sacred, to say my prayers of gratitude and deliver my wishes to the universe.  I hadn’t realised or noticed it happening as I still connect and work with nature on a daily basis and felt that to be enough.

On Sunday evening I was invited to a full moon fire.  A beautiful ceremony carried out by a shaman who lives across the street and who trained with the Four Winds Society and Peruvian Laika.  There were a large group of us yet the ceremony was intimate and powerful.  You could feel things shifting in the air around us.

That was the second time in just one weekend that I acknowledged the sacred and it served to remind me to incorporate it more, to take a moment now and then to honour the Earth, not just thanking when I harvest, or through sending songs of love and appreciation to my green relatives, but to actually stop a moment, put my hands on the Earth and give thanks.


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