Falling in Love with Words

I don’t know what it is for me sometimes, maybe a kind of vanity but every now and then I fall in love with a sentence or a phrase that flows from my pen, even if it makes no sense to anyone else!  The great fiction writer Stephen King wrote of a similar thing once, mentioning that it was best after completion of a book’s first draft to leave it for six weeks before going back over the text, that way it feels less like your own work and it is easier to “kill your darlings”.

Still the attachment I have to various words and phrases can be great, even if I am advised against using them.  I am Calendula with house in backgroundrunning a workshop at the end of September called Rending the Veil of Illusion, to me the title is poetic, intriguing even.  And that also sums up the workshop content, it is about our inescapable connection with nature, the veil of illusion being that we are separate and possibly even superior to the rest of nature.  Unfortunately that is where humanity has gone wrong; separating ourselves.  Allowing our children to learn and grow up in a sanitised environment, far from muddy knees, wiggly worms, and big splashy puddles.  For me to rend the veil is to rip apart the crazy notion that we can exist separately from nature, because we are an intrinsic and indivisible part of it.

With statistics claiming that prescriptions for ADHD medications have risen by 50% in the last 6 years alone, and that according to a WHO report in October 2012 more than 350 million people worldwide are suffering from depression; is it not time to wonder whether we need to reincorporate respect for, and time spent appreciating, nature back into our daily lives?  I believe so.

Echinacea FlowerI believe that a healthy connection with nature is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing.  I believe that just taking time to sit and breathe deep enjoying the last warmth of summer, with breeze ruffling your hair, and insects buzzing by, will beneficially impact your stress levels far more than jumping on an airplane, sitting by a pool, reading the latest novel, listening to a fabulous new track, posting a few photos and updates, before jumping back on that plane again.  Well of course I love holidays too, but you get what I mean?  Taking an after dinner cup of tea on the back step, or in the garden, even if it is dark and cold, is so so relaxing.  Breathing the fresh air, light from the setting sun, or rising moon, soundtrack from birds, squirrels, and foxes; try it!

So I love my phrase Rending the Veil of Illusion even if no one knows what I am on about, maybe now you do!

If you would like to join me on this weekend workshop and explore many, many, ways to let nature back into your life, and forge a meaningful relationship with some of the other life on this planet, there are still places available so, please, join me… http://www.gatewaystoeden.com/Rending-the-Veil(2876788).htm


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