Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat

Over a month has gone since I last posted here, where has the time gone? The summer so far has been pretty wonderful in Gloucestershire and I have been kept very busy watering and harvesting at my allotment. On the heels of a very sucessful and enjoyable workshop on medicine from weeds, which ran this Saturday passed, I wanted to mention my next offering. It will not run until September so there is still plenty of time to schedule it into your early autumn diary.

Meadow at Brook End
Meadow at Brook End

The name is Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat. It is a camping weekend, and is being held at a beautiful family run permaculture small holding in Somerset, just a few miles from both Glastonbury and Street.

We will explore plants as teachers and healers for our body, mind and spirit.

The joy of all camping together on the land is that we can enter the dream of the plants more deeply, sitting up late around the fire talking of roots and leaves, medicine and dreams. We can also rise early and walk barefoot on the dewy grass breathing in the new day and greeting all the plants we share the land with.

There will be time to make remedies, to harvest plants in a sacred manner and process their leaves, roots and berries into a tincture and a syrup or an infused oil. We will taste and smell, touch and see, and most importantly of all feel.

Willows & Stream at Brook End
Willows & Stream at Brook End

This weekend will be about remembering how to feel your way around the world, just like we did as infants before our overgrown brains got in the way! We will feel with our hearts. We will use our atrophied senses. We will use our intuition.

New Dates For 2015: We will meet over the weekend of 9-10 May, if you would like to settle in before we begin come and stay Friday night too, you are welcome 🙂 For more information or to book your place please click here…



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