Elderberry Medicine Part II

So today, in part two of my elderberry (Sambucus nigra) medicine series, I am going to talk about elderberry tincture, as promised.

making elderberry tinctureIt is another simple remedy, I don’t make anything too complex, I don’t see the point when simple things can be so effective.

I love medicine foraging, wild plants have an extra element to them, they are a bit more powerful, and often more cheeky, than cultivated plants. Never forget when medicine foraging to ask the plants if you can take some, never take all that is there, and thank afterwards, they are living beings too 🙂

So, to make an elderberry tincture first of all collect some ripe berries. Put them in a clean glass jar, cover with vodka, screw on the cap, and wait. That is almost it! It takes two weeks for the berries to infuse into the vodka and you must shake your jar every day, talk to it, make a relationship with it (it makes for a much more potent medicine).

After two weeks pour the mixture through a sieve lined with muslin and collect the making elderberry tincture 2liquid. The boozy berries can be drizzled over ice cream for an immue system boost of a dessert! Or simply compost them. Bottle up the liquid and be sure to label clearly. I always store my tinctures in the fridge although it should be fine in a cool dark cupboard for a year.

Use as an immuno-stimmulant, a cold remedy, a flu remedy and as an expectorant for coughs and even bronchitis. Start using as soon as the first symptoms of flu arrive. Use a dropperful three times a day (1ml x 3).

That is it! For more amazing and simple elderberry recipes get a copy of The Medicine Garden.

There is not long left to harvest elderberries this year as they have been going so long already, so get out there this weekend and get medicine foraging!



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