Earth Pathways Diary

I am quite pleased with myself this afternoon as I have just sent off my submission for the 2016 Eart Pathways Diary, a full eleven days before the deadline! That has to be a record 🙂

Earth Pathways 2015
2015 front cover

I have been lucky enough to have at least one piece published in the diary every year for the last five years. It is a really beautiful little diary, one of those that when the year comes to an end it is difficult to recycle. I always find myself cutting out at least one or two pieces to pin up on my office wall until they fade or fall (and no, I am not talking about my own contributions!!).

The diary is a great combination of art, poetry, prose and practical suggestions. The new 2015 edition, for example, has a piece which instructs how to make your own smudge sticks, another tells how to make seed bombs, another explains how in the biodynamic system people gardening in phase with the moon.

Rachel Corby in Earth Pathways Diary
My piece in the 2015 edition

My piece in the 2015 edition shares a page with the artwork of Sarah Halstead. My writing tells a little story about my love affair with Earth and how despite  all my planty communications I had forgotten to communicate with the soil itself (not anymore!). The reason I love to be part of the diary is that the whole ethos of Earth Pathways is to celebrate love for Earth, and to live with appreciation and responsibility for the planet in heart and mind.

So if you are one of those super organised people already thinking about inspiration for Christmas gifts then think no further grab a couple of copies for the nature loving artists in your life right here.


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