Enforced New Years Retreat!

I had a pretty hectic December. I spent the first 17 days in Asia visiting my husband who has been working out there since late October and is not due home until the end of January. We moved a lot through rural Cambodia taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells. I love Cambodia, I love the humour of the people, I enjoyed my trip which ended with 36 hours in Bangkok, one of my favourite cities. That I guess is a story for another blog…

River life Cambodia
River life Cambodia

So I got back to the UK on 17th December and dived straight into work, then Christmas celebrations with friends and family. I was considering spending new year in meditation with some of my favourite plants but gave that idea up in favour of a small gathering at a friends. We ate lovely food, drank wine and played games with the amazing kids that my friends have produced. The next day I slept a lot!

Last Sunset of 2014
Last Sunset of 2014

It was not until the 2nd that I realised something was not right with me. I spent most of that day in bed too. The 3rd was a friends 40th celebration, but I missed that, again spending much of the day in bed. On the 4th convinced I must be better I went out for a short walk only to wobble back to bed after a dizzy spell and being covered in a sheet of sweat.

During those days in bed I read my Christmas books, two by John Perkins. The World is as you Dream it and Shape Shifting techniques for global and personal transformation. Two amazing books that I thoroughly recommend, my personal preference is the former.

My 2 Christmas Books
My 2 Christmas Books

Something happened to me as I felt and absorbed John’s words. They took me deeper than they perhaps would have had I not been semi-delirious. They made me think deeply and dream my life more carefully.

It has been a slow start to the new year, not quite what I had planned or expected, but now I am feeling much better I realise I needed that time to just slow down, to nurture myself. To give myself permission to rest and retreat. It, as always, has turned out perfectly. I am starting the year with a fresh new perspective and a well rested body.

I wish you all the very best for 2015 in all things 🙂


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