Intuitive Herbalism

Intuitive Herbalism BookA few months ago a good friend and colleague of mine, Nathaniel Hughes, had his first book published. I was really delighted that he gave me a copy as a gift as it is an absolute work of art, it is not just Nathaniels’s words but the beautiful illustrations by Fiona Owen that make it so. It is a little book, kind of pocket sized which I really like, no great heavy tome to lug about and trudge through, just simple and light, it will definately have a place in my growing library for all time.
Why do I like it so much? Well from the question this book starts with on page one I knew it was going toFly Agaric by Fiona Owen be an interesting read, as although, like Nathaniel, I have a passion for plants and many years experience working with plant consciousness, we come from quite different directions. So from the opening page it excited me with the possibilities a different mind, and hence a different line of enquiry, would open up.
The book is very much a journey of discovery with plants, the emphasis on medicinal context, and a journey of self healing. Whether you are looking for medicine (on whatever level) or just a deepening of your integration into the natural world you could use this book as a guide. Nathaniel’s words provide an outline for how you could construct your own line of enquiry, your own research with the heart into the plant realms.
The Journey by Fiona OwenThe book is very smoothly written, every word deeply considered. The beautiful illustrations compliment the content perfectly. Each paragraph seems to contain a gem that makes me pause and mull it over, absorb the meaning. The feel of this book whispers of the magic that awaits in the hedgerows.
I recommend you take a peek…

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