The Healing Power of Nature

I had a memory today that took me back to a trip I made to Israel when I was 19. I had gone to work for the summer with only £100 and a non-changeable airline ticket that was set for 3 months.

I found work on a holiday camp in the north of the country within a couple of days of arrival through a connection I had made with the woman sat next to me on my outbound flight. However, within just a couple of weeks I was fired. My job had been cleaning chalets for holiday makers and I had been spotted by the boss sat on one of the balconies. I was eating grapes that had been left in the fridge by the guests who had just checked out. Naughty, I know, but still I was young and had had little previous experience of the working world.

feet in seaI was devastated and panicked. What would I do? I had no money, no place to stay, and a long wait before my homeward bound flight. I went over to the beach to shed some tears of worry and frustration.

As I sat in anguish on a shoreline rock something amazing happened. I saw one of the shells apparently glued to the rock begin to move. An obvious thing perhaps, but something I had never witnessed before, never even thought about. My tears stopped as I observed with wonder the natural world unfold before me and continue on its way as it always had done. My worries and concerns began to melt away as I became aware of something greater than myself. Wild nature.

As I absorbed this little miracle occurring at my feet I began to relax. I lay back on the rock and tuned in to the rhythmic crash of the surf on the rocks around me. It was a soothing sound and within it I heard and felt the voices of the ancestors. I knew all was right with the world and would be right with my world. And it was. By nightfall I had been offered and accepted another job in an adjoining bar. My adventure continued.

Throughout my life I have experienced the healing power of nature, of the wild, so many times. We need it in our lives tofloating seaweed bring things into perspective and to fill us with wonder. Find your connection to the wild. Nature heals.

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