Non-stylised Movement in the Land…

What follows is a guest post by Poh Eng San who will be a guest tutor on the apprenticeship I am running later this year. On the apprenticeship she will be helping us with conscious movement, visceral wakefulness and opening to body wisdom. I met Poh Eng many years ago when I was training in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan; she had been a student in the previous year to me and so our original connection was through the love of communicating with plant spirits and how that opens the world right up. Below she talks about what inspires her to do the work that she does…

Poh Eng San, healer and movement teacher
Poh Eng San, healer and movement teacher

I have two main streams of work/ play/ life: Energy healing, and personal movement practice for self-awakening with the land & the teachings that come through my dance. My teachers have included Dr Shen Hongxun (Lame Fore), Eliot Cowan and Helen Poynor. I have been a movement practitioner and dancer for over 25 years. I cannot separate how the streams inspire as there is a confluenece of experience where one practice informs the other and vice versa.

Helen’s work has been hugely inspirational in deepening my “body body” connection to the ever changing landscape. I am nourished on all levels body, soul, spirit. A spin off from the non-stylised movement in the land is the art and creative writings that emerge. I love the recalling of the ancient memories, where the animal, limbic brain comes forward! For example, I encountered my ancient hag of the sea. She was like an archetypal Kali of Misrule and beyond, with a cackle louder than the crashing waves. Pulling on a part of my feeling, “sensating” body as I moved in wild dark cliff caves. And more recently: “Tons of rock above me. And I, curled up in a space like the gap beneath her crooked toe joint, puts things in perspective. A deep privilege…”

I love the presence demanded when I am with trees and the layers trees, plants, earth reveal to me as I sink into a deeper receptivity. It is a complete creative communion and dialogue – the chi of body and the chi of Nature. It was a relief to realise that as long as I am true to my stream of movement, as well as responding to the environment I do not have to dance with any agendas of what I think a dancer should be like.

“My bones, my sinews, my muscle substance, fluid, cells all moving, flowing like a flock of2016-01-19 16.00.33 birds. A vast body of movement in a cohesive and random leadership group. Shapes shifting in multidimensional aerodynamics. Me, on the ground, my internal landscape moving like this. One part pouring into another, my head pushes my feet away from the South to the sky. My bottom spirals around creating whirlwinds down below.”

I love the intelligence of all my bodies; energetic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The Taijiwuxigong has taught me how to clear blockages in my 5 main energetic pathways.

The fact that it is a lifelong practice with no end goal.

Rather that you journey up your own “mountain exploring every nook and cranny and allowing your wisdom to take centre stage.” This is my invitation. I love the fact that Taijiwuxigong is not separate from spiritual practice, but teaches acceptance of self and love in each moment.

So yes, I love the privilege and honour of the way people take responsibility for their own body care and ultimately their life. I can offer tools and often that key tool can tip the balance to self awakening.

Buqi healing has the extraordinary ability to work with unseen phenomena in a seemingly ordinary and grounded way. I am excited by constantly discovering the magical energetic nuances of the human body.

2016-01-20 16.37.44.jpg

I am so excited to have Poh Eng on the apprenticeship team so that we can all learn from her unique perspective and deep practice.

Poh Eng is running a selection of workshops this year: The first two 9-10/04/16 and 28/05/16 are both Taijiwuxigong and being run in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. Then 7-11/09/16 is a body chi, land chi reconnection retreat being run in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. If you would like further details on any of them please contact Poh Eng directly:



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