A Spring Blossom Oxymel

I have just made a hawthorn blossom and rose oxymel. It was so easy to make I thought I would share the recipe with you. Firstly I got my liquid ready; for an oxymel this is a combination of apple cider vinegar and honey. I always choose organic apple cider vinegar, preferably live so it still has the mother inside and is a bit murky at its depths. I am lucky enough to have beekeeping friends so the honey was organic and local.

Rose in my garden
Rose in my garden

I combined 2/3 cider vinegar with 1/3 honey in a glass jar and then added my first plant – hawthorn blossom. This was all a month ago. The blossom had just come out and was looking divine, rain was forecast for the first time in over a month, so as a “just in case” kind of move I ran out to the hedgerows with a paper bag in my hand and gathered what I needed. Lucky that I did so as a lot of the blossom was spoiled by that first decent splash of spring moisture.

Blossom safely in the jar I proceeded to give it a little shake and a bit of love every morning for the next two weeks. I then strained off the hawthorn blossom and added rose petals and buds from my back garden. I repeated the process, shaking and loving every day for two weeks.

Today, another rainy and blustery day, I decided it was time and drained off the rose. In the process I spilt a drop and instinctually dabbed it up with my finger – oh my, that is divine!! Seriously you have to make some!!

My choice of plants was more for emotional support than a physical remedy – for battered, bruised and broken hearts.

I am going to have to hold myself back from schlepping the whole lot down in one go. A teaspoon three times a day would be a sensible amount. You don’t have to use the plant combination that I did, this post is more about giving you the methodology for making your own oxymel than a specific medicinal remedy recipe per se – however if you do make this one you wont regret it!!!  ❤

For more yummy, medicinal plant recipes take a look at the new edition of The Medicine Garden 😉


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