Full Body Cleanse

Years ago, when I first set up my website, it was to sell Ejuva herbal cleansing products here in the UK. The intention was that it would provide me with a little income while I apprenticed under Stephen Harrod Buhner for a year in New Mexico.

Gila Wilderness, New Mexico
Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

As I completed my apprenticeship and arrived in San Francisco ready for my flight back to the UK, I checked my emails – working with Stephen was in a magical location deep within the Gila wilderness and far indeed from any wisp of a phone or WIFI connection. The first email I opened was from a publisher in the UK; they had read an article I had written that had been published in Permaculture Magazine and loved it so much that they were offering me a book deal to expand on the subject! The universe had conspired so that I got to continue all the beautiful work with plants and their consciousness that I had been working with so deeply during my time with Stephen.

The book turned out to be The Medicine Garden. Unlike other herbals with which I had over the years become ever so slightly frustrated, my intention was to not only explain what conditions the plant in question could treat, but also which part of the plant to use for which ailment and actually how to use it – so, for example, a tincture made from the flowers, or a syrup made from the roots. I created a simple step by step guide for using plants that grow in your neighbourhood as medicines actually taking you from harvest, all the way through making the remedies to actually administering them. Followers of this blog, my website or my other social media platforms will know that 8 years on from the first edition this spring saw the release of two new versions, a full colour edition and a black & white edition.

The Medicine Garden by Rachel Corby
The Medicine Garden by Rachel Corby

So it is funny to me that on the release of the new editions of The Medicine Garden that for the first time in about 8 years I find myself stocking the Ejuva cleanse once again! It is only for a limited period of time, in response to a number of my apprentices (current and past) asking me to get hold of Ejuva for them (I guess I must go on about it a lot?!).

So what is Ejuva and what is the big fuss? Ejuva is a 100% raw, 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free with 100% organic and or wildcrafted ingredients, herbal full body cleansing kit. It is a 30 day programme specifically designed to help your colon cleanse but at the same time also cleanses the liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, gall bladder, as well as your tissue and your entire lymph system. In reality it is a finely crafted selection of herbs that help cleanse the body while supporting your systems at the same time. It takes 4 weeks and because of that alone has a radical impact on your life – just cutting toxic foods and drinks for that amount of time clearly would be cleansing in itself but all of the herbs together ensure that it goes much deeper removing layer upon layer of old impacted mucous from your intestinal tract. I guess describing much deeper gets a little gross so if you would like to know what that is do a google images search for mucoid plaque 😮

Ejuva, full body herbal cleanse
Ejuva, full body herbal cleanse

The reason I love Ejuva so much is that doing the cleanse really changed my life. It of course impacted me physically, helping me break unhealthy eating habits and become much more conscious of what I eat and how my body feels – but much much more than that. It helped me be crystal clear on a conscious level, while cleansing and immediately after. It is like being super finely tuned so that you can almost hear the other species thinking (without trying). You can feel other energies entering your space before they arrive. You know exactly what is going on, I guess that level of clarity just makes you much more psychic.

Why am I telling you all this? well mainly because I have a few spare cleanse kits for sale. As I said my stock is very limited so this really is a limited time offer. If you are interested in having a super cleansed body and mind this summer (we are talking beyond beach ready!!) then I recommend you get hold of your cleanse kit now while stocks last! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Full Body Cleanse

  1. Greetings Rachel, I’m very interested in the cleanse. Could you possibly send me the cost and some more information about it, and also the recommended procedure for the duration of the cleanse. With warm regards Louise x

    Wishing Well 🍄


    1. Hi Louise
      It is great that you are interested in the cleanse, I really recommend it. You can find all the details about the cleanse including cost and a brief overview of how it works on my website http://www.gatewaystoeden.com – I can’t seem to get a live link in this comment box, but if you either type that web address into your address bar and then scroll down the menu to Ejuva cleanse, or if you return to the blog entry any word that is bold and kind of purple colour is a hyperlink so clicking on the word Ejuva below the book cover picture will take you directly there. Hope that helps. You can always email me directly where you are likely to get a more rapid response on info@gatewaystoeden.com
      All the best

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