I am in love with planet Earth. My life has been a journey of discovery, my greatest teachers have included some incredible plants along with some incredible humans. I run workshops where I teach traditional and ancient ways of working with plants to bring about balance, harmony, amazement and respect for nature. I am also a rewilding coach, nurturing the wild place inside, the wildness that resides within each of us and connects us with all life on this planet.

I am the author of three books; The Medicine Garden, 20 Amazing Plants & Their Practical Uses, Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature.

Find out more about my work at www.wildgaiansoul.com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Rachel,
    I am extremely interested in the work you are offering in delving more deeply into the plant Kingdom…
    Can you possibly send me any info you have on the possibility of doing one to one apprenticeship programme with you?
    Warm Wishes
    Louise x

      1. Dear Rachel, Thankyou for your prompt reply… However the link to your apprenticeship programme doesn’t link….’perhaps you could resend? Warm Wishes Louise x

        🍄Wishing Well


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