Full Body Cleanse

Years ago, when I first set up my website, it was to sell Ejuva herbal cleansing products here in the UK. The intention was that it would provide me with a little income while I apprenticed under Stephen Harrod Buhner for a year in New Mexico. As I completed my apprenticeship and arrived in San […]

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Befriending The Plant People

This is truly shocking I know, my second post in a day! Usually two in two months is good going for me, but this is the continuation of my streamlining process. The following has been a page on my website since my first book The Medicine Garden was published in December 2009. Due to space […]

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Bringing in the Sacred

This time last week I was getting up to date with all my work so that I could take Friday as a special day.  It was of course summer solstice (in the northern hemisphere).  I rose before dawn and visited Nympsfield Long Barrow.  It is a beautiful site on which lies the remains of a […]

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A Walker Between Worlds

Last weekend I came to the realisation that I am a walker between worlds – the Real (the world of Nature, of Earth) and our human created reality/ realities.  What I “do” is to invite people to walk between worlds.  To discover access points to the Real.  So that somehow, with enough of us, we can draw those […]

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The Roots of Love

I had a fabulous idea for a magazine article a little while ago, and so set up an experiment and began taking photos to illustate my article and prove my theory.  The idea was to demonstrate that by extending attention, love, and encouraging words to growing plants they would respond by growing more strongly and […]

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