Tropical Fruit on the Branch

As much as possible I love to grow my own food, that which I do not manage to grow myself I like to at least source from local producers. This leaves me eating fresh fruit and veggies grown within my local climatic conditions. So when I take a trip I always delight in the different […]

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Why I Love Rain

Let me qualify the title of this post, or perhaps just add “in moderation”! I don’t love it when it rains for days on end, when the sky is battleship grey and everything is damp, in that sense I am the same as most other people. However, every now and then, I do so love a […]

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Bangkok: City of Medicine

I mentioned in my previous post that I recently spent 36 hours in Bangkok, capital city of Thailand. The translation of the Thai name for the city (which is a huge long unpronounceable to foreigners word) is “City of Angels”, and yes I believe it is (not forgetting that there are both light and dark […]

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Enforced New Years Retreat!

I had a pretty hectic December. I spent the first 17 days in Asia visiting my husband who has been working out there since late October and is not due home until the end of January. We moved a lot through rural Cambodia taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells. I love Cambodia, I […]

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