Tropical Fruit on the Branch

As much as possible I love to grow my own food, that which I do not manage to grow myself I like to at least source from local producers. This leaves me eating fresh fruit and veggies grown within my local climatic conditions. So when I take a trip I always delight in the different […]

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Why I Love Rain

Let me qualify the title of this post, or perhaps just add “in moderation”! I don’t love it when it rains for days on end, when the sky is battleship grey and everything is damp, in that sense I am the same as most other people. However, every now and then, I do so love a […]

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Bangkok: City of Medicine

I mentioned in my previous post that I recently spent 36 hours in Bangkok, capital city of Thailand. The translation of the Thai name for the city (which is a huge long unpronounceable to foreigners word) is “City of Angels”, and yes I believe it is (not forgetting that there are both light and dark […]

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