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witch hazel blossomThis is just a quickie to announce that my regular weekly column “From the Allotment” has returned in the anniversary edition of my local paper Stroud Life.  I took a break for winter, but for you locals I will be back every week in the new look “Social life” pull-out section.

For those of you who don’t even know where Stroud is, or care, I have added a picture of witch hazel blossom which I took in my garden today for your visual pleasure!  Pretty tricky to get the flower in focus though.  Enjoy!

Winter Solstice 2011

Tommorrow is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere, winter solstice.  A time to spend a moment dreaming of the things you would like to bring into being in the coming year, and holding them in your consciousness so that they come to pass.

I don’t spend as much time outside as I would like at this time of year, what with the short daylight hours and my lightweight potential when it comes to standing out in the rain and cold.  So every moment I do spend outside becomes even more precious.  I bask under the ever changing colours of the sky and take a moment of pause to breathe in the richness of this season, the sights, the smells.  I recommend it, even if you just step outside for a moment or two take a pause, a deep breath and feel this season on your skin, in your lungs, in your nose, in your heart.  It wont be here for long, the short days of winter will soon pass…

Wishing you a joyful solstice 🙂

Awards for my Photographer Friend!

I am really pleased to hear that Stephen Studd, who provided the beautiful photographs for both of my books has received several awards in this years RHS photography competition.  Not only did he get 1st & 3rd in one category, but also another 3rd and a commended – well done Steve!  You can see his award winning shots here

I love seeing beautiful and inspiring images of plants and if you are keen to improve your skills you can join Stephen on one of his 2012 workshops visit to find out more.  He will even appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show this Thursday (3/11/11) with some of the other competition winners – go Steve!

Hello world!

An interesting move perhaps, starting my own blog when I already have one with my publisher that I rarely make a post on, so we shall see what emerges here.  Is there a point, no not really!  Just to share my musings with the world and whomever may have stumbled across me.  When I try to write something that will be published on the web my incessant rumblings and rantings cease and I find myself without words, so rare for me.  So perhaps this blog will be an exercise in silence!  Time will tell…

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