Wild Food Wild Medicine

Yes, one of my favourite subjects wild food, wild medicine, which could also be food as medicine, or medicinal foods even. You see everything we put in our mouths either helps build, feed, and fuel our bodies with vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties. Or damages our health, striping us of nutrients and energy. There is […]

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Wild Medicine Walks

On Monday I got home after spending the weekend at the fabulous Wilderness Festival.  It was the fourth festival I have presented at this summer and was also the last I am scheduled to appear at this year. I love having the opportunity to work at festivals, to get a chance to share my enthusiasm […]

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Wild Food Fest!

It is that time of year when I cannot walk more than two paces without coming across another wild edible.  Nature is providing a bonanza of deep green leaves to feed and cleanse our digestive systems with their bitter medicine. I met with Faye Hatcher to make a recording for BBC Radio Gloucestershire earlier this week.  We […]

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Essential Foragers Etiquette

After posting last week about the importance of wild greens I think it would be timely to discuss the essential foragers etiquette. There are some strict rules that must be adhered to when collecting plants from the wild, other points are more recommendations gained from years of foraging experience and connection with plants: Never gather […]

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