Time for a Calming Brew

It has been quite a while since I have posted on this blog. So much has happened and changed for me, personally in my own life, and of course in the recent political landscape here in the UK. It is a time where tempers are continuing to rage and stress and anxiety are touching many people (and […]

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The search for Wild

We are a reflection of our environment, if we are sick it is a fair indication that the environment we live within is also sick – there is no separation. Even if you feel fine, if you have been reading recent reports on the health of “developed” or “Western” nations you will appreciate that as […]

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Bringing back the Sunshine!

After the wonderful sunshine of March the last week or two have been sobering with their dark clouds, grey skies and jumper weather.  This, of course, is more seasonal for this time of year, but still a little hard to take after the t-shirt days of early spring.  If you are extra sensitive to this […]

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