Spring Cleanse & Juice Fast

I have just undertaken a 30 day cleanse. A bit of a spring clean to get me up and running full power as the pace quickens and we steam towards the busiest months of the year. To be fair things are a bit slow still as the temperatures have kept plant growth in check, but […]

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Full Body Cleanse

Years ago, when I first set up my website, it was to sell Ejuva herbal cleansing products here in the UK. The intention was that it would provide me with a little income while I apprenticed under Stephen Harrod Buhner for a year in New Mexico. As I completed my apprenticeship and arrived in San […]

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Jump Start Your System for Spring!

Spring brings with it lots of amazing plants to nourish and replenish us after the long dark days of winter.  Cleavers(Galium aparine) also known as sticky willy or goose grass, is a springtime favourite for me.  On a physical level cleavers helps cleanse and can be used to give the lymphatic system a flush.  Cleansing the […]

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