Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature

Yes the day has finally arrived, my third book, Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature, has hit the shelves 🙂 I am so happy, it has certainly felt like a long time coming… “Rachel Corby, a talented and sensitive writer, has done it again with this intriguing and powerful invitation to experience the power of the Wild. Immerse yourself in this […]

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Befriending The Plant People

This is truly shocking I know, my second post in a day! Usually two in two months is good going for me, but this is the continuation of my streamlining process. The following has been a page on my website since my first book The Medicine Garden was published in December 2009. Due to space […]

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Reviews for The Medicine Garden

I have decided to move the reviews I received back in 2010 shortly after the publication of my first book The Medicine Garden from my website and keep them here instead. The reason is that I am attempting to streamline my website in readiness for the publication of my latest book Rewild Yourself: Becooming Nature (still a […]

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Earth Pathways Diary

I am quite pleased with myself this afternoon as I have just sent off my submission for the 2016 Eart Pathways Diary, a full eleven days before the deadline! That has to be a record 🙂 I have been lucky enough to have at least one piece published in the diary every year for the […]

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Elderberry Medicine Part II

So today, in part two of my elderberry (Sambucus nigra) medicine series, I am going to talk about elderberry tincture, as promised. It is another simple remedy, I don’t make anything too complex, I don’t see the point when simple things can be so effective. I love medicine foraging, wild plants have an extra element […]

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