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So I have been a bit quiet recently, but I have been productive! The result is that a new full colour edition of my 2009 title The Medicine Garden is now available! I am really pleased with it. There are some really wonderful photos of the plants featured taken by Stephen Studd. The cover art and internal illustrations created by Wendy Milner are also very beautiful.

Buy your copy now! A full description of the book can be found by following this link.

The Medicine Garden book

copies of The Medicine Garden full colour edition now in stock!

So that has all been rather exciting and somewhat time consuming, but well worth it, and it is good to see the book already selling well on Amazon.

What else have I been doing? Well, last week saw the final instalment of the Sacred Plant Teachers series that I had been running throughout April. It was also the third time within 6 months that I ran the series. It was fun to do and I know the people who came along both enjoyed it and got many teachings from it, so I will definitely be running that again in the future.

Two weekends ago saw the start of this years Sacred Ecology: A Rewilding Apprenticeship. I have a really special group of women whom I am honoured to share this work with. I look forward to the wild depths that will unfold before us in the coming months.

dandelion page - The Medicine Garden

The wild medicine of dandelion pages in the new full colour edition of The Medicine Garden

This summer I will be presenting six wild medicine walks at Wilderness Festival. I have been leading walks at the festival for several years now and each year have had more and more people join me for my daily walks. It seems interest in foraging for wild medicines and taking responsibility for at least some minor aspects of ones health care with natural organic solutions in on the rise – yay!! What this means is that instead of just one walk a day, I will now be presenting two. Last year it was crazy, I think on each walk we began with over 100 people, and although I can speak pretty loudly I think the people at the back were missing detail when I held up a tiny delicate leaf or flower!! The festival is held at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire, a lovely private estate with some absolutely incredible ancient oaks overlooking the scene. It runs from 3rd until 6th August, read more about it here.

Throughout this summer I will be working with this years new batch of rewilding apprentices. I am also continuing work with last years apprentices, who encouraged me to guide them for a second year while they weave their wildness with more confidence into everything that they do. So, it is not until September that I have another workshop with spaces available. It will be a 5-6 day retreat ~ Sacred Plant Medicine Immersion. This will be a residential retreat, camping in a beautiful orchard that is part of a permaculture smallholding. Each day we will work with just one plant. Really taking time to get a feel for what that plant is all about, communicating directly with it. We will use direct perception and our hearts as our primary organ of perception. We will journey shamanically to the spirit of each plant. We will build our relationship with each plant, and finally when we truly know deep in our souls the medicine each plant has to offer, we will make sacred medicinal elixirs to take home. Places are available.

I am available for 1-2-1 sessions if you can’t wait until September! As a taster it is still timely to sign up to my month long Spring Renewal Journey.

stinging nettle harvest

stinging nettle harvest

As we are still in the depths of spring it is prime wild medicine making and wild food foraging time. Gather well and responsibly 🙂 ❤

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Wild Medicine Walks

On Monday I got home after spending the weekend at the fabulous Wilderness Festival.  It was the fourth festival I have presented at this summer and was also the last I am scheduled to appear at this year.

I love having the opportunity to work at festivals, to get a chance to share my enthusiasm for what I know with a new audience, to get some great feedback, and of course to sell lots of copies of both of my books.

daisy flower & leafWhat blew me away at Wilderness was the huge number of people that chose to join me for a walk and learn about our heritage, the plants.  On Saturday there were more than 50 people and on Sunday my husband gave up counting when he reached 70!  The reason this is amazing is that there were so many other activities like wild swimming, horse riding, roller disco, even a lakeside spa, alongside the regular festival talks and bands.  It has made me feel warm, happy, and confident about what I do, what I have dedicated myself to.

So many years ago I made an agreement with a plant that I would fly the flag for the green people, that I would help remind my human companions of their green leafy relations.  The wild food revolution is well underway with TV coverage of food foraging, and plenty of high profile chefs using wild foraged ingredients.  Wild medicine foraging is lagging behind.  In part I’m sure that is fear related; could that plant be poisonous?  Could it aggravate my condition?  Yet it was the only option our ancestors had (before the advent of the modern pharmacy), and many plants contain the active ingredients and inspiration for many of our modern medicines.

On my wild medicine walks I am not trying to replace the modern narrow leaf plantainpharmacy but compliment it with natures bounty.  Many minor ailments and little scuffs can easily and effectively be treated by plants growing all around us, in the hedgerows, even amongst the grass on your lawn.

It is my hope that by demystifying the use of wild plants as medicines people will reach out and try some of them, forming a relationship with the plants that grow around us, with nature.  In so doing, in touching, tasting, relating, to wild plants we all become a little wilder, and that little spark inside grows as we remember that yes, we too, are a part of nature…

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